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    Westminster Station Taking Shape

    Construction progressing well on station platform, parking garage and north plaza

    Denver Transit Partners are well underway in the construction of the station platform. To date, they have made substantial progress on the south side of the rail tracks constructing the stairway that leads to the station platform on both sides of the pedestrian tunnel. In addition, the elevator shaft is being formed, and structural steel has been installed that will reinforce the platform canopy foundation.
    On the north side of the tracks, Concrete Express, Inc. is constructing the retaining walls for the north plaza. They have rough-graded the Hooker Street extension, and will start installing utilities along Westminster Station Drive and Hooker Street in the coming weeks. This project will include a new roadway connecting Federal Boulevard to Hooker Street, and will house the utility infrastructure for the station area. These streets will serve as the station’s main access route. Additionally, the north plaza will be a hemispherical amphitheater-style plaza where commuters will access the station platform by traveling through the pedestrian tunnel entrance at the bottom of the plaza.
    The Beck Group is making progress on the parking garage located at the northeast corner of Hooker Street and the future Westminster Station Drive. The caissons and lowest floor concrete slab have been poured, creating the garage’s foundation. Beck is now forming the walls on the first floor before they begin on the next vertical level of the garage. This project will have the capacity to park over 600 vehicles in the initial phase, with the potential to expand and double that capacity, if warranted.
    It is exciting to see the vision of Westminster Station area coming to life. All projects are scheduled for completion in the summer of 2016. To learn more about the Westminster Station and all related projects, visit www.WestminsterStation.us.

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